Tradition Book: Verbena (Mage: The Ascension) [Steve Kenson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. derived from the white wolf book of. Hello. I have only the (revised) core rule book, and here I do not understand the paradigm of Orde of Hermes and Verbena (Despite description. Mages of Verbena are blood-shamans, healers and primordial witches and warlocks. They are masters of the sphere of Life. The Verbenae believe Life is.

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Because Nature is also One, the Verbena think these paths and deities are also One. Using a certain Path is as verbeja about worshipping and respecting the goddess or god as it is about becoming that deity and understanding her or his place in Nature. Introduction posted by pospysyl Original SA post.

I speak, of course, of Tradition Book: These technomancers are still our enemies — the last Tradition in the seat of Matter, the Solificatibetrayed us greatly, and we still pay for their crimes. Should they continue practicing the old ways as best they know and risk stagnating in the eyes of their younger followers, or should they incorporate new beliefs and practices at the risk of alienating their older members and losing sight of their roots?

Also on the team were Sam Chupp and Lucien Dark.

Questions about the Verbena – Onyx Path Forums

Verbena But seriously, this is an awful, awful book. But the Traditions part of Mage is all about different paths to the same goal loosely collected together into mutual aid societies. Can you, with your illusions of comfort, say the same? Life is pleasure, but also pain.


They disagree what is most important, but they all recognize cycles and transitions as good things. I imagine there is little they hate more. You can have blood-magic Verbena-like Euthanatos, you can have Verbena Shaman, and you can have Dreamspeakers who focus on agriculture, healing, and sacrifice.

The death-Mages do not understand life, and that is their great curse. Its something some of the other Traditions can approach, but none so well as the Verbena.

Verbena – Old WoD Mage

Dream – The Cauldron of Ceridwen. And these are ones who were usually writing about others As this is the month of Samhain the true Halloween, for you ignorant plebeslet’s peruse what is surely the spoooookiest book of the World of Darkness, and learn what true horrors witches are capable of. The Euthanatos would prefer to crush that tree in its moment of weakness. Altars, athame, blood, cauldrons, chalices, chanting, dance, herbs, incense, ordeals, pentacles, runes, sacrifices, sex.

While Verbena will usually pay at least lip service to all gods, some masks of divinity are more difficult for them to accept than others.

Time – The Path of Odin and the Fates. We must experience many forms to experience life. The natural force of life has never left the world, but mankind has upset its balance.

Still most people calling themselves Pagans in modern times are clearly New Age Pagans which makes it kinda natural that they would suffuse the Tradition, as like said earlier there are plenty we don’t know about actual Old Ways, but in the end how much the Tradition itself leans towards New Age or the Old Ways is up to the ST of the game you are entering, and your characters chosen way is naturally up to you. Over the centuries it took for witch-craze to die down, the Wyck came to practice their arts in secrecy and became known for dealing with their foes harshly.


You will hear them if you go anywhere the Verbena gather to drink mead. There will always be time for conflict later. The Verbena of the Glastonbury Circle are those who have matured beyond their years, and are prepared to serve as capable leaders and diplomats.

Correspondence – The Path of Hecate. You have some crazy dualist symbolism going on, and a tastefully worn cover.

Predators hunt and kill they prey, and the Verbena affirm the correctness in such natural actions. While neopagan and New Age ideals have replaced some of these missing pieces, it has only been after great debate and dissent within the Tradition.

We often battle, but just as often we stand together against those who would oppress us.