Title: Liberating Lacey Author: Anne Calhoun Publication Info: Ellora’s Cave . ISBN: Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy. Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun. This was just a very character driven book, no outside drama, just two people falling in love. Did I mention it. Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun Dear Ms. Calhoun: Thank you for sending me this book as it is not one that I would’ve picked up on my own.

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He gave her exactly what she was looking for but neither could end there. Hunter on the other hand was more guarded. So she finds herself at a club where she bumps into Hunter, a twenty-eight year old cop who is also looking for a good time.

Liberating Lacey

The first time they had sex without a condom, wow it was such a great scene with him “What spooked him was how the lack of a barrier ratcheted up not only the physical sensation but also the pound of his heart, the inability to get air into his lungs. One thing leads to another, and the novelty of each other liberatihg to a relationship, if only the occasional weekly bump-n-grind. Everyone is welcome in our group! Hunter was sex on a stick, yes, but he was more than that.

I wanted to choke him like a chicken at several points, but his shit hotness totally made up for his trust issues.

Book Review – Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

I liked this man, and would like to know him in real life. But I felt like it was meant to be secondary to the other bigger issue that HE had.


They have car sex, sex on the stairs, lunch time nookie, sex in the park, sex in the rain, restaurant sex and even hot fantasy handcuffs liberafing.

It was completely character driven and I loved the nonstop focus on their growing bond together. I had a few of my own issues overall. If I would have to choose one annw my favorite scene that would anns be impossible. But here it was done in a way where it didn’t show him as weak or emasculate him.

All Hail the tool belt! One night when she decides to spend an evening at a local bar looking for someone to take home she meets Hunter.

Topics Mentioning This Author. Could all that change after a very HOT introduction with Lacey at his favorite hook-up club? The need he feels for her is soul deep.

Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

Two adults hooking up for sex five minutes okay it was about 30 after first meeting, in the carpark out back of the club where they met. Anything in business or the tech industry is Mr. And you know why?

And that “bad cop” fantasy that they acted out POV flows back and forth between Lacey’s perspective and Hunter’s. And yes this one has the ache. After a recent divorce, Lacey is now on the hunt or something that will bring back the heat into her life. But I don’t like when token emotions are written as an excuse for mor Wow. What I love about Liberating Lacey: And, oh my, all those hot, steaming hotscenes. She has a beautiful home and influential friends.


He oozed sex appeal and dominated this book. He is younger than Lacey – but not in anyway that counts. Despite the fact that this book definitely belongs to erotica genre, it’s not as limited emotionally or romantically as most of the books in that genre are.

It’s real peop Five Dreamy Stars from me!!! She was strong yet vulnerable, understanding yet determined and above all a woman who knew what she wanted and now wasn’t afraid to go after it. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I meant you’re very, very persuasive and I doubt I’d resist for long if you set your mind to convincing me. Lacey Meyers was newly divorced after a fifteen year marriage. Anne Calhoun is new to me but I have found a unique and absorbing story amidst a very hot read.

Several times she rearranged her schedule to be able to see him. Start reading Liberating Lacey on your Kindle in under a minute. I love your writing so much. I love KA, but some of hers stand out more than others.