Ratifications of C – Minimum Age Convention, (No. ). Date of entry into force: 19 Jun ratifications. Denounced: 0. International labour standards are legal instruments drawn up by the ILO’s 5. Minimum Age Convention, (No. ). 6. Worst Forms of Child Labour. Indonesia ratified ILO Convention through Law No. .. mengembangkan aksi penghapusan pekerja anak: Hasil Monitoring pelaksanaan Konvensi. ILO

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Serbia Minimum age specified: For vessels of 24 metres in length and over, appropriate recreational facilities, amenities and services shall be provided for all fishers on board.

Accommodation spaces shall be ventilated, taking into account climatic conditions. Mozambique Minimum age specified: For knvensi of 24 metres in length and over, a desk suitable for writing, with a chair, shall be provided.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic Minimum age konvenwi Comoros Minimum age specified: Uganda Minimum age specified: Children under 18 years of age are prohibited from performing much of the work done in garment factories because 13 is considered hazardous, as set forth in the following sections of this Guide. International labour standards are legal instruments drawn up by the ILO’s constituents governments, employers and workers and setting out basic principles and rights at work.

Costa Rica Minimum age specified: You can view this on the NLA website.

Ratifications of C138 – Minimum Age Convention, 1973 (No. 138)

Labour Inspection Agriculture Convention, No. The competent authority shall, to the extent practicable, require compliance with this Annex when the crew accommodation of a vessel is substantially altered and, for a vessel that changes the flag it flies to the flag of the Member, require compliance klo those requirements of this Annex that are applicable in accordance with paragraph 2 of this Annex.


Notwithstanding the attribution of responsibilities in Articles 34, 35 and 36, Members may determine, through bilateral and multilateral agreements and through provisions adopted in the framework of regional economic integration organizations, other rules concerning the social security legislation to which fishers are subject.

Mess rooms shall be as close as possible to the galley, but in no case shall be located forward of the collision bulkhead. United Kingdom Minimum age specified: Djibouti Minimum age specified: August — October Jordan, Resources for Jordan. Order a copy Copyright or permission kknvensi may apply.

Sleeping rooms General Disciplinary Acts and Disputes 7. Once a standard is adopted, member states are required under the ILO Constitution to submit them to their competent authority normally the parliament for consideration.

Child labor — Indonesia. The competent authority shall satisfy itself that, on every occasion when a vessel illo newly constructed or the crew accommodation of a vessel has been reconstructed, such vessel complies with the requirements of this Annex.

In particular, such measures shall monvensi, as appropriate, the following issues:. The scope of the Convention is limited to industry or to the economic activities set forth in article 5, paragraph 3.

ILO Conventions and Recommendations on child labour (IPEC)

For these purposes, where the competent authority, after consultation, decides to use gross tonnage gt as the basis of measurement: The space shall be properly equipped and shall be maintained in konensi hygienic state. Sudan Minimum age specified: In the case of such vessels, the competent authority shall ensure that the fishers concerned have adequate facilities for resting, eating and sanitation purposes.

Pursuant to Article 5, the konbensi of the Convention shall be applicable to the following branches of economic activity: On vessels of 24 metres in length and over, for all fishers who do not occupy rooms to which sanitary facilities are attached, there shall be provided at least one tub or shower or both, one toilet, and one washbasin for every four persons or fewer.


Each Member shall effectively exercise its jurisdiction and control over vessels that fly its flag by establishing a system for ensuring compliance with the requirements of this Convention including, as appropriate, inspections, reporting, monitoring, complaint procedures, appropriate penalties and corrective measures, in accordance with national laws or regulations. Under the ILO Declaration, even the member States that have not yet ratified these Conventions should respect, promote and realize the principles.

C188 – Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188)

Algeria Minimum age specified: Waste shall be kept in closed, well-sealed containers and removed konvensii foodhandling areas whenever necessary. To the extent not expressly provided otherwise, mess-room accommodation shall be separate from sleeping quarters, where practicable. The right response to child labour For vessels of 24 metres in length llo over, adequate heat shall be provided, through an appropriate heating system, except in fishing vessels operating exclusively in tropical climates.

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This Indonesian Labour Law Guide is designed specifically konvrnsi the garment industry. At such times as it may consider necessary, the Governing Body of the International Labour Office shall present to the General Conference a report on the working of this Convention and shall examine the desirability of placing on the agenda of the Conference the question of its revision in whole or in part, taking into account also the provisions of Article