Michael Baigent is the author of From the Omens of Babylon, Ancient Traces, and the New York Times bestseller The Jesus Papers. He is also the coauthor of. The Jesus Papers has ratings and reviews. In Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and his co-authors Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh stunned. Hershel Shanks reviews “The Jesus Papers” by Michael Baigent.

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And despite if I decided to believe his What we do have are pieces of evidence from four different and sometimes contradictory gospels written at least 30 years after Jesus died.

I wanted to enjoy this book so badly. I have also read the Bible, and the errors and contradictions are so obvious, and even what authors of the Bible took from the Torah popularly known as fables and fiction to Jews, the Bible claims as fact.

Brown and his publisher strongly deny they did anything wrong. Or did someone tamper with the records, and Matthew in bringing it to our attention is giving us a heads up on what was jwsus place.

It hasa what-if quality that engages the imagination and is eminently readable. The background information he presents was interesting to me. While suggesting the possibility Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife, Griffith-Jones proposes an interpretation of her as an allegory for wisdom. But once again, Baigent is short on details.

Questions often lead to new insights.

The mystery of ‘The Jesus Papers’ – Dateline NBC | NBC News

The Jewish historian, Josephus, writes about finding three of his friends nailed to the cross. I want to know if there are non-canonical writings that got left out on purpose for power or control, as Baigent claims. What kind of potion mix, what were the possible ingredients, were they locally available at the time, the mechanism of action – were all explained in a rather passing through methodology. This book helps one understand why so much effort has been put into destroying and secreting alleged heretical works.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The author goes through the religious and historical documents of hundreds of years against the geopolitical dynamics of the various time frames. Pilate allows Joseph to take the body. Craig Evans, New Testament scholar: When Joseph and Nicodemus—supporters of Jesus—visited his tomb during the night, they brought with them herbs and spices such as aloe and myrrh.

Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. All in all in tried to tie up the loose ends of Christianity, with specific relation to Catholicism and the influence of the Vatican over the years.

Years ago when I was younger, I rented this book from the library out of curiosity. In the Bible, the story is told midhael this: Comments are restricted to registered users or subscribers only – make sure you enter an email address this site will recognise. Bodies were spiced because of the bad smell. The Book of Love.

Did they even exist? Views Read Edit View history. I had great expectations from this book.

A decision is pending in the case. When Jesus made his remark about paying taxes to Rome pay unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, in relation to the coin he was shownthe zealots lost faith in Jesus since they expected him to fully oppose Roman rule.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Although he does mention some, I do understand he w Where to begin with this book? As a coming-of-age story, this first novel by a young Australian writer would doubtless alarm those who quickly leaped to condemn Ted Dawe’s Into the Micyael, which recently won this country’s That his Messianic arrival was foretold a long time before Christianity was finely reshaped.

The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greatest Cover-up in History (Plus)

Throughout history Popes worked on centralizing their power over the Church. The rest of the book deals with Egyptian spiritual mysteries, how Jesus studied those, and has more of the history of the various scrolls.

And he speculates the Church paid Sauniere a fortune to jesuus a hold of it.

I would have forgiven Baigent for this lack of evidence, knowing well t I had great expectations from this book. Jesus was not just a Jew. It was a journey into the shadowy world of antiquities, where the trade in artifacts is often illegal. Anyway, interesting to listen to and ponder, but overall I’d say it’s just “ok”: Baigent suggest perhaps, what that country priest found was that mysterious document which supposedly contained explosive evidence that Jesus survived the crucifixion.