Kurdish Regional Government, Iraq image by Ivan Sache. About Kurdistan and the Kurds; Two Representative Entities. See also. That radical feminists such as Ivana Hoffman are helping to drive back Isis in Syria should be a source of immense pride for the international left. Ivan Nasidze The genetic data indicate that the Georgian Kurdish group An extensive resettlement of Kurds from Turkey and Iran into the.

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About 5, Kurds were killed that day.

Kurdish Christians – Wikipedia

The Middle East seems too exotic, too divorced from the everyday realities of western societies to be of much relevance. Retrieved from ” https: He has spoken of how the eventual aim is to give all citizens six weeks of police training, with the idea of abolishing the police. Christianity ProtestantismEastern OrthodoxyCatholics [2]. Anger flashed in the eyes of the Kurd. The Arab laughed in his face and said, “But there’s no such thing as a Kurdish nation. The Arab had insulted a Kurd from the town of Halabja whose family fled the chemical bombardment of that town by Saddam Hussein’s army on March 16, Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

A memorial for slain rebel fighters from the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, along with a portrait of the Kurdish separatist groups leader, Abdullah Ocalan, who is imprisoned in a Turkish jail.

Kurds who converted to Christianity usually turned to the Nestorian Church. The patriotic Kurd is now studying at a university in Kurf, and dreams of one day returning to a iurd independent Kurdistan. But in northern Syria a new society could be hatching, run on radically democratic and feminist lines. The Kurdistan Workers Party also known as P. Archived copy as title Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing Kurdish-language text.

Vasilyev, Vizantija i araby. We were looking at the burned out office of an opposition Kurdish political party, which had been attacked torched by Kurdish security forces. Since the s, one of the PKK-related flags has emerged as the principal flag representing Kurmanji Kurdistan.


March 1, 8: I have some friends who were very close to government officials of the former Mahabad Republicand they insisted 15 years murd that there was no Kurdish flag. Unfortunately, the leadership in Iraqi Kurdistan increasingly resembles so many of the Middle East’s other authoritarian regimes.

Kurdish Christians

Journal of Eastern Christian Studies. Isis already fears it. Western allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait have proved crucial in exporting fundamentalist ideology, as well as funds and arms for jihadi groups.

Also since the s another flag seems to have emerged as the most widely used for that region. Accessibility links Kuurd to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Each of those countries has used repressed and forced assimilation to pacify their rebellious Kurdish minorities.

A hint of defiance, a look of liberated joy: I still remember his bitter look of disappointment one day, months before he left. The Kurdish People and Christianity”. Turkey Pulls Troops from Iraq Feb.

The region is dominated by western-backed dictatorships, fundamentalist tyrannies and murderous reactionary terrorists. Kurdistan divides into two general socio-linguistic regions at the Greater Zab River near the Iraqi-Turkish border: That socialists and anarchists are helping to drive it back should be a source of immense pride for the international left.

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Kurdish Aspirations Undercut by Infighting. Views Read Edit View history. In recent years some Kurds from Muslim backgrounds have converted to Christianity. They were surprised when I presented historical evidence to the contrary. The group also has a history of trying to destroy rival Kurdish groups.

Ivana Hoffman19, did not leave Germany to fight for Islamic State, of course, but for the Kurdish kurx. While keeping its critical faculties intact, the left should be seizing on any democratic experiment that deviates from the prevailing consensus.

The Zakarids—Mkhargrdzelian Armenian [11] [12] —Georgian dynasty of at least partial Kurdish [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] origin, ruled parts of northern Armenia in the 13th century AD and tried to reinvigorate intellectual activities by founding new monasteries. One of the most prominent Kurdish leaders in Iraqi KurdistanSheikh Ahmed Barzani who was a brother of Mustafa Barzaniannounced his conversion to Christianity during his uprising against the Iraqi government in Not that objections to the catastrophic role of western imperialism in the region should be dismissed, of course, whether it be support for the brutal despots in Saudi Arabia or for the democracy-usurping junta in Egypt, the oppression of the Palestinian people or catastrophic wars such as the invasion of Iraq, all of which were crucial to the rise of extremist jihadi groups in the first place.


Kurdish Aspirations Undercut by Infighting

In the late 11th and the early 12th century AD, there were Kurdish Christian soldiers in the army of fortress city of Shayzar in present-day Syria. Though the majority of Kurds adopted Islam in the Middle Agesthere were Kurdish converts to Christianity even after the spread of Islam.

The region is landlocked and surrounded by enemies. If it succeeds, in the aftermath of the abortive Arab spring, it could give heart to all those who crave freedom.

The fact is, no matter how many kud, chemical weapons or ethnic slurs have been hurled at the Kurds over the years, no regime has succeeded in kued the dream of an independent Kurdistan. Ivan Watson, NPR hide caption. Appropriate, then, that its archenemies are radical feminists. In a Syria being shredded by a secular dictatorship and reactionary fundamentalists, is an anarchist enclave being forged? A young Iraqi Kurdish boy waves the flag of Kurdistan.

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