◇During normal operation of the ION / ION meter, hazardous voltages are present on its ter- minal strips, and throughout the connected potential. PowerLogic ION Used at key distribution points and sensitive loads, ION and ION meters offer unmatched functionality including advanced . Download: PowerLogic™ ION / ION Meter User Guide – PowerLogic ION/ION,PowerLogic ION RTU.

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Form C Digital Outputs: V2 wi ll display a value e ven if no voltage is. D4 output is factory-co nfigured to pulse on ce every metet. If the meter is not powered, the battery will last a minimum of 7 years at room temperature. The front panel only prompts you for the meter password once, before you make your first configuration change. Lat e nc y min. T ype Self ex cited intern al 30 VDC supply. V2 will display a value even if no voltage is present jeter Phase B.

Pin 6 – Data Se t Ready- Pin 4. Signal T ype Continuous or pulse. Connector T ype Ring or split ring con nector. Soli d State Relays D1 – D4.

Lagging PF – Q4: External V oltage VDC continuous. Bottom red LED is user prog rammable. Load Current 80 mA per channel. Ty p e IEEE Covered by one or more of the following patents: Before installing the mete r, familiarize yourself with the steps in this guide and. If problems using the modem on your phone system occur, please contact Schneider Electric Technical Support.


Wire Ga uge 3. The meter must be installed in accordance with all local and national electrical codes. Isolation to Ground V. Analog Inputs Meter Orderi ng Option: Phase B voltage V2 displayed by meter is derived fr om phase A and.

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Use the left and right ar row. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference ion76550 which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own expense.

It can be used for Alarm notification. For typica l installati ons, the.

Fit the meter into the DIN standard cutout mm by mm. Applying current levels incom- patible with the current inputs will permanently damage the meter. Barrier-type current, voltage, and relay terminal screws: Meter Front Meter Back. Meters are shipped wi th English as the default fro nt panel langu age.

Failure to observe the following instruc tions may result in severe injury metsr death. Network Compatibility Notice for the Internal Modem The internal modem in meters equipped with this option is compatible with the telephone systems of most countries in the world. Name Plt Nameplate information. To select another language:. Overload 50 A RMS for 1s, non-recurring. When the common or star point of a 3-wire Wye system is grounded. Do not use metal door hinges as a grounding point. Fron t Pane l.


The following example shows Volts Mode setup using the meter front panel. Meer the meter into the DIN standard cutout mm by mm.

Schneider Square D PowerLogic ION Meter With Remote Display Srd | eBay

To select another language: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Fault Capture V L-N peak.

T ransformer on Ia Normal or Inverted Normal. Power up the meter.

The TRAN model h as no display. T ransformer on I4 Normal or Inverted Normal. Maximum Devices per bus The meter ca n be used for se condary p rotection f unctions. All rights rese rved.