Sri Gopala Vimsati must have been very dear to Swami Desikan as indicated by his inclusion of the twelfth verse of this stotram in his esoteric. Stream Sri Gopala Vimsathi by Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan from desktop or your mobile device. Gopala Vimsathi – Learners Series. -vimsathi-learners-series/ Gopala Vimsathi consists of 21 slokas on Krishna.

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View my complete profile. Inside that yantra is yet another yantra in the shape of a triangle.

Gopala Vimsathi

He commanded them to come out of the water with folded hands raised above their hands [as a vimsxthi of atonement for the sin of breaking the injunctions of Saastras]. As he feigned fear at the sight of the approaching evil Puthana, he alternately cried and smiled. He returned her affectionate glances. Our senses are overpowered. Krishna, the bhAgyam of Yasodha, heard these rhythmical sounds coming from her efforts and began a special dance to amuse her and to receive vimsaghi of butter as a reward.

Yasodha thought that she could hide the butter in deep water pots kumbha to mislead her child. Sri Viksathi Vimsati must have been very dear to Swami Desikan as indicated by his inclusion of the twelfth verse of this stotram in his esoteric masterpiece Sankalpa Suryodayam.

She wanted to vimeathi him a lesson for stealing butter. Retrieved from ” http: He also smiled in between his crying spells. He gopals at one swoop Puthana’s milk and her life force and blessed her this way.

When we blink, we lose that moment of this delectable experience. May this enchanting youth Gopala protect me always! Sunday, February 25, Gopala Vimsati. He planted one of his feet firmly and he moved the other foot around in different directions, the gold necklaces, jewelery and the ankle bells on His holy feet producing a most delightful musical sound, which matched the laya patterns emanating from his mother’s efforts at churning milk.


May that mischievous Gopalan fond of Gopis be victorious! And who has etched his pretty face, In their minds always. Let that form with the several ornaments, Appear before my mind, In which he folds one leg and, Holds the other leg straight, In which he produced musical sounds, And dancing steps in line with, The sound of churning of curds, Produced by his mother, For getting freshly made butter.

He has the eternal and youthful beauty that gimsathi Him to play with Her. At that time, his sweet breath carries the fragrance of the Vedas. He roams around with great desire for union with Vimsahi. I goppala Sri Vedanta Desikan prior to attempting to provide an English translation to these bhakti-laden verses dedicated to Sri Rukmini Satyabhama sameta Raja Venugopalan.

He describes the structure of His mantram and affectionately recalls the many mischievous deeds performed by bAla Gopalan in Gokulam and Brindavanam to the utter delight of the humans and the celestial beings. He closed his eyes at the thought of the impending calamity of being caught and punished by his mother.

I should be able to see Him, With flute kept close to his lips, With blue peacock feather adorning his hair, And with his pranks shining like the blue gem, During the last procession of my life.

Sri Gopala Vimsathi by Lakshmi Narayanan Narasimhan | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Gopalan was bewildered by the sight of his angry mother. May I be protected by His sight, Which resemble the lotus flowers, Of his mind resembling the pond of mercy, Cooled by his pleasant smile, And which always falls on the flute with him, And which makes the Gopis extremely happy. Our Lord, who is the protector of His universe adopted this posture as if he was a mere mortal. Let me protected by the protector of the universe, Who extended his hand to steal the sweet butter from the pot, And seeing his very angry and clever mother with a rope, Moved slightly his leg but not moving hither or thither, Closed tightly both his eyes and waited for her.


He dragged the mortar further and went between two Marutha trees. I see him daily near me, Who is being searched by VedasWho broke the two Arjuna trees, And who is with young maidens, Near the Yamuna with it as a witness.

His mother normally stored freshly churned butter in shallow earthern vessels chattis. May that Lord who is the Lord of the gopis, Who swept his sweet heart gopi in to a tight embrace, Along with his wet cloths made wet, During the love play inside the water, Who gave a loving glance to the gopi who, Was keeping her eyes partially closed, Who held in his hand a water gun, And who is the savior of his devotees, Save me from the ills of domestic life.

There, he depicts Narada descending from heaven singing joyously the above verse during his journey to meet Purushan and initiate him into the mahAmantram of the Lord. He who was born there is the object of delectable experience for the sages, who do not covet anything else in this world. Victory to Him who cures, The passion of Gopi maidens, By prettily dressing himself, With flower from coconut sheaf in the ear, With peacock feathers and the flower, Of red hibiscus tied to his pretty tresses, And the garland made of the black red Seeds of Gunja [3] tree decorating his chest.

He is the great fortune of the city of Northern Madhurai Mathura.