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Another contribution to higher temperatures at the inner surface of the outer pipe involves the Ranque-Hilsch effect: The exact length of the Plasma generation chamber needs to be fully adjustable, to compensate for changes in the molecular density or massive expansions of the fuel being reacor for Plasma.

The method of this invention is practiced by starting internal combustion engine 20 using starting fuel 24 obtained from starting fuel tank The direction and configuration of heat applied, was made on many of the prior units to formulate conclusions.

All of the currently studied Plasma generators, basically share a design and operational construtcion in that they attempt to Push the Fuel, under pressure, into a reaction, whereby a need for outside energy to force the device to function.

The Ranque-Hilsch effect can consstruction be used to further reduce the temperature round the inner bar.

GEET Reactor Construction Details

A portion of the exhaust may even be bubbled through the alternate fuel to assist in the volatilization of the alternate fuel. Your mileage will be greatly increased if you are truly consuming ALL of the available energy From whatever fuel you may be using. High school students with no technical background have been able to successfully build and beet an engine over a weekend from the plans. Reseach in private laboratories in Europe is helping to isolate some of the basic field replication of the plasma generator that the Pantones need for visible demonstrations.

These alternate fuels include almost any liquid constructioon such as crude oil or recycled material such as motor oil, solvents, paint thinners, and various alcohols, to name several.

GEET Reactor Construction Details – – Where technology goes LIVE!

Specialized parts reaction chambers, air management valves, etc are now available for purchase for people unable to make their own parts and will come in 4 sizes to retrofit most cars, trucks, etc. A few test engines have been tested in cars. By simply changing the position of the electrode to the center of the plasma field, the turbulence is eliminated, thus more usable energy is created.


For example, internal combustion engines are designed to burn gasoline or diesel fuel, furnaces and boilers to burn natural gas, oil, or coal, and turbines to burn constructlon or jet fuel.

Paul Pantone ~ GEET Fuel Pretreater (US Patent # 5,,)

I began working on the original concept of better mileage over fifteen years ago, During the fifteen years of testing and research, I was able to achieve the goals of ZERO pollution, while running internal combustion engines on fuel such as crude oil, battery acid, cleaning solvents, even gasoline Accordingly, the internal combustion engine is started and operated for an initial period until sufficient thermal energy has been generated in order to initiate the volatilization and the pretreatment processes.

We plan to set up a number shortly for technical questions, no calls or technical information will be taken at the main number. Richter states, I am a consultant to Paul Pantone in the search for the scientific and technical explanations to understand the operation of this energy device.

In doing so one can increase the Plasma flow to a viable delivery state for all commercial use demands.

Exhaust 18 is produced by an internal combustion engine 20 which can be any suitable internal combustion engine ranging in size from a small, one-cylinder internal combustion engine to a large, multicylinder internal combustion engine. In the meantime, the balance of exhaust 18 becomes exhaust 18b which passes through plenum chamber 17 where it transfers its thermal energy into volatilization chamber 12 and alternate fuel 60 therein.

The engine will turn over easily if you are near the right setting, if it’s very hard to pull, readjust the throttle or air valves. Exhaust 18a combines with the volatilized fuel from alternate fuel 60 to provide volatilized fuel The GEET fuel processor is a self inducing plasma generator. The size of the recirculation zone needs to coincide to all other parameters within specific limitations- depending on the fuel source-and demand at any given time. Exhaust 18a transfers its thermal energy to alternate fuel 60 and also provides a carrier stream for the volatilized products of alternate fuel 60 so that this combination becomes volatilized alternate fuel 66 which is then drawn into intake Wood has taught automotive science for most of the last 35 years.


In order that this temperature be as high as possible, the outer pipe should be thermally insulated with a glass wool jacket. The change over from starting fuel 24 to pretreated fuel 68 is accomplished by the careful adjustment of valves 26, 84, 57, and The rod will self center magnetically by itself after it’s running or you can weld three bumps on each end to center the rod file them to fit snugly.

The engine will not run if the rod is put in backwards after it has a magnetic signature.

Other plasma generators using outside applied power seem to have less technological reason and practical use than the GEET fuel processor which requires no outside power.

These laboratories have expressed that testing would be a waste of money, and their valuable time. Experiment with the optional “Back Pressure Valve” to run closed loop on alternative fuels, don’t use hydrocarbon fuels, because they will be constructon with water from the exhaust Hydrogen and Oxygen combining.

The specific movement of vapor within the GEET Fuel Processor is “focused” to exact flow direction and velocity being self created thereby maximizing and intensifying the “field and enhancing the molecular, or atomic disassociation.

Pretreated fuel 68 is directed into intake manifold 29 where it becomes the fuel source for internal combustion engine The corresponding magnetically polarized gas is called a Magnegas TM.

Thus the entire magnetic field collapses and entire system shuts down.

According to my present knowledge it should not work and I would not believe it had I not seen it with my own eyes. When the Plasma field chamber is too short or too long for the density of the fuel being used, it overheats the South end and Chills the North end of the reactor, this also causes the field to consume oxygen, instead of creating it.