That became Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars and was released to the public in During that work I came to know a great. ‘Eagles Disobey: The Case For Inca City, Mars’. From: Todd Andrews Date: Wed, 18 Mar Fwd. Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars by B J Wolf (Foreword by), Dr. Dan B Catselas Burisch, Albert Howell starting at $ Eagles Disobey: The.

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The Case for Inca City, Mars and was released to the public in He turned up half way across the country, with most of his memories concerning his association with me and our work on Eagles Disobey altered or erased.

Either Cyber or Dan give me a call, please? Reynolds, and eages highly skilled in microscopy — eventually being brought into the Los Angeles Microscopical Society as the youngest member they had ever had.

Wolf spent years trying to penetrate the wall of secrecy and partially succeeded and tried to publish her findings to the world, but the “Powers that Be” caught up with her and now she is with “them”. Image is a portion xity Mariner 9 DAS M is now in possession of the implant.

What is not described here by Marci are the several very serious beatings Dan received. He returned to his new location, but memories started to break through the conditioning to such an extent that Dan fled and was eventually recaptured and whisked off to a military base for re-conditioning.

He was maintained in their medical facilities at S-4 until he was well enough to return to travel back to Area and then to Las Vegas. Dan, still a young child, spent several years working on the weekends with Dr.


Eagles Disobey : B J Wolf :

Germaine presented a simple solution to our current polluted global condition. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Another group is called the P52s, and come from 52, years in our future.

Environmental and other factors created the marked difference in the two genomes after several tens of thousands of years had passed.

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He was discovered communicating with me, and was involuntarily ” retired “. Dan has only encountered these in treaty negotiations, and has stated in his recent interview with Project Camelot that he admired them and would have liked to have spent more time with them. The foundation-like structures seen in the images that Dr.

The P45 J-Rods were unaware of the existence of the Orion group until they encountered yhe in this timeframe. Only then will more information and interpretations be released from us. Frosty Yes, as long as you move from train-car to train-car. I wish I could answer her last question, but for now the lines of communication are down and the world is split between shadow and light.

I asked him about them and he said if I had them it was out of his concerns. These are also known in UFO and contact reports as the ‘Nordics’, are much more human-looking, and are a very spiritual race.


D learned that the tissue he had been studying was in-fact Extraterrestrial in nature. Dan completed his ‘sabattical’ in mid-December I hope you’re not a big friend!? And it’s rarely the same person more than twice. Burisch endured the loss of his academic credentials rather than back down from his position that Marsespecially Inca City Marsheld one of the keys to the question of extraterrestrial lifeand its relationship to human life.


He conducts work there and is taken back to his house.

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While this has never been explicitly stated, it is clear to us that he was “invited back in” by the new Majestic group to assist in some critical work that was taking place over a period of several months to among other things evaluate progress in the ongoing handling of the timeline problem. See also this page for precautions the American military has been taking through the trillions of dollars spent in construction of over a hundred deep underground bases in which any surface calamity could be survived by a relatively small and carefully selected elite group of people.

Others considered them to be dikes formed by injection of molten rock magma or soft sediment into subsurface cracks that subsequently hardened and then were exposed at the surface by wind erosion.

Some images are scheduled for release. It was later learned that the reason that the J-Rod insisted on this change of personnel, was because he recognized Dan as one of the abducted children on the craft he had been aboard that day disobeh in the early s.

These effects are being felt already, and are due to become more pronounced.