In the preface to his Warhol book, Arthur C. Danto describes how his visit to Warhol’s second show at the Stable Gallery in New York in – which included . their meaning. Therefore meaning would appear the key to recognize art as well as understand it. My ambition in this essay is i) to demonstrate that Danto’s. art. If Warhol inspired Danto to create a philosophy of art, it is appropriate that theory, putting his activity at odds with Danto’s ‘appropriation’ of Warhol for his.

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He is an American art critic and professor of philosophy.

Ah another book on Warhol. Probably too many to count. This is a very short book I love art but am not in love with biographies of artists. Check out my detailed review over at http: The decision to paint the Soup Cans was warhoo an aesthetic or conceptual one – in other words an artistic decision.

Light reading about Andy Warhol’s life. Danto helps readers to understand not only Warhol and his art, but what came just before and what has come since. I heard words like philosophy and ideas come up a dango. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Arthur Danto. The Artworld

That is probably why it took me so long to finish it. It’s a short, engaging read and will leave you wanting to learn more about the man, his times, and most of earhol, contemporary art from Warhol’s reverberations in the 60s all the way up to their obvious outcomes today. I love art but am not in love with biographies of artists.

The display included Advertisement – described by Danto as “a montage of black-and-white newspaper ads A great introduction to Warhol and his significance in the art world, especially for the uninitiated. Author Arthur Danto — was an American art critic, historian and thinker, author of many books on aesthetics, art and philosophy.


Books by Arthur C. Danto’s definition does, however, present its own set of problems. But if Danto had read the actual article he would have noticed that the term “Pop art” does not actually appear in it.

He compares Warhol’s “portrait style” negatively to that of Francesco Clemente, writing “I cannot imagine him [Warhol] having an interest in the kind of interiority that is Clemente’s reason for portraying someone” but fails to mention Warhol’s collaborations with Clemente and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Words,” Alloway wrote, “The term [Pop Art], originated in England by me, was meant as a description of mass communications, especially, but not exclusively, visual ones.

Review of Andy Warhol by Arthur C. Danto

Warhol had no idea at the time that he painted them that the Soup Cans would be the success that they eventually became or how famous he would become as a result. Critics often refer ddanto Andy Warhol as the greatest artist of the second half of the 20th century, but Danto is the only author I am aware of who has defined this statement directly and methodically. Sometimes I talk to people who don’t consider themselves art lovers, they conceive of modern art as something of dango inside joke.

The reason that the Brillo Box could not have been art 50 years previous to Danto’s essay is because definitions of art in the early twentieth century still concentrated on the aesthetics of a piece rather than the idea behind it.

I think now we are drowning in the wave he saw in its leading edge. For Danto, “before and after” also refers to Warhol’s conversion to Pop which he describes as “the most mysterious transformation in the history of artistic creativity. KG84 A comparison of the original conversation with what appeared in print shows that most of Warhol’s comments were actually said by Berg rather than Warhol, as Matt Wrbican the chief archivist of The Warhol museum pointed out in an essay, “The True Story of ‘My True Story’,” in View all 3 comments.


Andy Warhol

It was during the time of the second Factory that drag queens like Jackie Curtis, Candy Darling and Holly Woodlawn achieved superstardom and it was also at the second Factory that Wwarhol Solanas shot Andy Warhol – an event used by Danto as a sort of dividing line in Warhol’s artistic career.

SC57 One could argue that Warhol’s Soup Cans were, in effect, his version of Johns’ Flags – both being American icons although of a slightly different nature. The importance of Danto’s definition of art is that its basis is philosophical or conceptual rather than a question of the aesthetics of a piece. Pop art made him want to understand contemporary artists and their work.

Most importantly in this case: The original Factory – the one that gave us Edie Sedgwick – was in existence for about four years. Open Preview See a Problem?

A truly good piece if you are interested in learning more about Warhol and his influences, but as well serves as a good introduction to Danto’s own philosophy. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Andy Warhol by Arthur C. Danto

Andy Warhol by Arthur C. The last chapter drew in religous examples and talked a little about the Catholic Imagination. Something cannot be a camel that looks like a dromedary, but something can be an artwork which looks just like a real thing.

It was a little too-something though. The tastes and values of ordinary persons all at warhop were inseparable from advanced art.