Find great deals for MOOG Concertmate Mg-1 Analog Synthesizer – Vintage Mg1 Realistic S. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I pulled my Concertmate MG-1 synthesizer out of storage for my next Arduino project (to be described later), only to find that it wasn’t working quite right. The MG-1 was manufactured by Moog Music for Radio Shack for their Concertmate line of casio-like keyboards. However, the MG-1 is a true Moog, somewhere.

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The square wave based polyphony section is described as a “cheesy organ sound”[2] by some, and well-used by others. First, the MG-1 power supply is internal, whereas on the Rogue it is an external wall wart type.

The Realistic Concertmate MG-1 is an analog synthesizer manufactured by Moog Music in and sold by Radio Shack from to under their “Realistic” brand name. The similar Moog Rogue came after the MG Unfortunately there is no pitch wheel or modulation wheel.

MOOG Concertmate Mg-1 Analog Synthesizer – Vintage Mg1 Realistic S

AstromanDELFHigh LlamasElton John As far as we know, he never actually used the unit, but through some arcane contractual issue was obligated to have his picture taken with it. Because it was originally distributed in Radio Shack stores instead of specialized music stores, it is easily found and is usually less expensive than a Rogue despite actually offering more.

Unique Modulation Options Although this keyboard is often erroneously described as having “less” features than its Moog siblings, the Liberation and the Rogue, there is a patch which only the MG-1 can do: The rest of the modulation, including the sample-and-hold, will affect the Polyphonic Signal via the filter section.


This feature makes it at least a little more versatile than the Rogue. Infew electronic musical instruments had the MG-1 combination of paraphonic poly section and monophonic synthesizer in one instrument. The colour scheme m-1 more appealing and vibrant and helps distinguish easily between sections, again for an easier understanding by the general public not familiar with analog synthesizers. It was produced without some standard Moog features, such as pitch and modulation wheels, as a cost-cutting measure aimed at achieving a lower price concertmqte the consumer market.

First, the MG-1 power supply is internal, whereas on the Rogue it is an external wall wart type. Why stereo phono plugs?

Moog Concertmate MG-1

What a cool synth. Here is a table highlighting some of the differences pointed out by a user between the MG-1 and Concert,ate. There are separate tuning knobs for the TGs and the polyphonic section.

The output goes into the master volume control, and then to the synthesizer outputs.

The Liberation and Rogue have to route both through the Mod Wheel with the same amount level. I personally think it sounds pretty cool, but I’m not that familiar with mono-analog synths. I pulled my Concertmate MG-1 synthesizer out of mg- for my next Arduino project to be described lateronly to find that it wasn’t working quite right. This is the benefit of not having the standard pitch- and mod-wheels.

This allows the creation of Saw- and Ramp- waves, as well as asymmetrical Triangle waves and unusual trapezoids, not otherwise found through modulating with the LFO alone. Who played this instrument? Your browser does not support the audio element. Fixing my Concertmate MG-1 Synth. There are RCA inputs and outputs the input is routed straight to the output for playing along with music from your stereo system but no external speakers as in most other home marketed synthesizers.


Retrieved from ” https: When a key is released the polyphony tone for that key stops immediately. All signs pointed to a problem with the CA amplifier chip, which was somehow amplifying a big DC signal.

The MG-1 was produced in great quantities for distribution in the consumer market.

In addition, the contour input showed it was picking up some crosstalk from the oscillator 1 trace that runs next to it, and this was being amplified into the buzzing noise. When a key is released the polyphony tone for that key stops immediately. Mg-11 up for a new account in our community. Polyphonic Sound The Polyphonic features of this synth are of particular interest as polyphony was rare in synthesizers of the time.

Moog Concertmate MG-1 – Wikipedia

There is also no sign of Midi or patch memory on the MG Who Played Concertmatf Instrument? This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat It is a common misconception that the Poly tones are not affected by the Contour settings.

The picture below shows the two main circuit boards. Date Produced – I measured the inputs to the CA with an oscilloscope and found they all seemed normal. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Animoog Filtatron Model It is also somewhat infamous in mg1 synth circles for having black polyurethane foam insulating the interior which did not keep well over time, turning into a black sludge which clogs the various moving parts in the synth so much so that entire replacement switches and faders can be bought on eBay, specifically for this synth. Realistic Radio Shack Room: