8 Results Buy CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD at Cat® ET, create a “Smart Machine” that optimizes performance and availability. pg. ✓. Structures, Drawbar, Circle and. Moldboard. The M frame provides . View updated Caterpillar M Motor Grader specs. Get dimensions, size, weight , detailed specifications and compare to similar Motor Grader models.

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Cat motor graders are designed to help you cater;illar uptime and reduce costs. Front and Rear Axles The sealed spindle keeps front axle bearings lubricated and protected from contaminants.

Std Operation Weight – Total The creation of a search alert is unavailable in “Around me” mode in order to protect your personal data.

Length – Between Tandem Axles. Brakes are located at each tandem wheel and have caherpillar large total brake surface area to give you dependable caterplilar power and longer life. Blade Tip Angle – Rear. Large, separate hydraulic oil supplies prevent cross-contamination and provide proper oil cooling, which reduces heat build-up and extends component life. Operating Weight – Typically Equipped. Comfort and Control Experience the most spacious, comfortable cab in the industry.

B Width Over Tires. This militarized grader can be used for construction of airfields, landing zones, defensive berms, anti-tank ditches and for other military earthmoving tasks.

The older Caterpillar G had 6×4 configuration. Speed at Rated Power. Dealers set actual prices, including invoicing currency. System keeps the parking brake engaged and cterpillar implements disabled until the operator is seated and the machine is ready for operation. The Caterpillar company does not manufacture any special military version of the M grader. Low Battery Elevated Idle raises idle speed caterillar low system voltage is detected, ensuring adequate system voltage and improving battery reliability.


New CATERPILLAR 120M AWD Motor Graders for sale

Overall working environment of the operator is significantly better than on the previous G model. This machine has a 6×6 configuration with an all-wheel drive. Moldboard Sideshift – Right. Maximum torque VHP Plus measured 1120m 1, rpm. Angled cab doors, tapered engine enclosure and sloped rear window increase visibility.

There is a 30 years difference in technology between these two machines. Net power advertised is the power available at rated speed of 2, rpm, measured at the flywheel when engine is equipped with fan running at minimum speed, air cleaner, muffler and alternator. Power as declared per ISO M Series 3 motor graders meet U. Base Power 1st Gear – Net. Cat Messenger, combined with full systems integration, enhances diagnostic capability for quick analysis of critical data.

Catfrpillar – Working Width. The ripper includes three shanks with holders for five. Nine scarifier catrpillar can also be added for additional versatility.

An electric hydraulic pump automatically engages in case of a drop in steering pressure so the operator can steer the machine to a stop. When cooling demand is reduced, you benefit from more power to the ground and improved fuel efficiency.


Rearview camera with in-cab monitor Grouped, ground level service points Laminated front window glass Optional LED Lighting Ground-level electrical disconnect switch Ground-level engine shutoff switch Anti-glare paint eases night operation Front and rear fenders.

This feature was originally designed for precise grading. Hydraulic demand fan automatically adjusts speed according to cooling requirements resulting in more power to the ground and improved fuel efficiency. This product may not be available near this location. Mid, Straight – Working Width.

Cat motor graders continue their reputation for offering world-class cab and controls, advanced electronics and hydraulics, and optimum productivity The classified ad you are looking for no caterpiloar exists. Engine and cab are situated above the rear axles. Std Operation Weight – Total.

Caterpillar M Motor Grader Specs & Dimensions :: RitchieSpecs

There is a wide blade in between the 1st caterpillaar 2nd axles. It can also produce inclined surface to give cant to roads, or produce drainage ditches. We designed the M Series Motor Graders to give you efficiency and longevity in your most demanding applications. The Caterpillar M grader has 3 axles.