Is the calculus book by I.A. Maron really effective for the IIT-JEE preparations? . I would recommend you Problems of calculus in one variable by IA MARON. Download PROBLEMS IN CALCULUS OF ONE VARIABLE BY Documents Similar To PROBLEMS IN CALCULUS OF ONE VARIABLE BY I.A. MARON. iit maths. Uploaded by. Vardaan Popli.

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Let us introduce the substitution: Prove the validity of the following equalities: Hence, its discriminant is non-positive, i.

Whence AMO, 4 ; Af 2 2, 2. The Limit of a Function 55 1.


Let us first make sure that the given equation has only one real root. Transform the sum in parentheses in the following way: Therefore, the points of extremum can only be roots of the deriva- tive.

Prove that lim cosjc does not exist. Basic Classes of Inlegrable Functions 5.

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Since this point is an interior one, the third condition of the theorem is not satisfied. Approximating Jaron Integrals 1. Compute the following integrals: The integral can be computed by expanding the integrand a 2 — x 2 n according to the formula of the Newton binomial, but it involves cumbersome calculations.


Hence, any neighbourhood of the point 0, as well as any neighbourhood of the point 1, contains an infinite set of points x n. The Definite Integral Solution.

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It can be easily Ch. Show that the inequalities 1 0. Whence we get an upper estimate of the integral: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Solution, a We integrate by parts. In particular, if the numbers A and a are finite we obtain the following definition. Which of its coordinates changes faster?

Let us denote the side of the bottom by x and the height by y. Let us transform each of the given integrals into an integral with limits and 1 see the preceding problem. In a given cone inscribe a cylinder having the greatest lateral surface so that the planes and centres of the base circles of the cylinder and cone coincide. Compute the integral.

Prove the theorem if: From the equation 2 cos a: The second derivative is posi- markn Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The function satisfies the conditions of the Lagrange theorem, since it is continuous in the interval [ — 2, 0] and has a finite derivative at im interior points of the interval. Subdivide the closed interval [0, 1] into n equal parts by the points x.


Prove that it is a periodic function with period 1. A sequence which has a finite limit is said to be convergent. Which of the following functions are even, and which are odd: The book is designed along the following lines. Solution, a The limit exists and equals zero. In computing the area the isolated point 0, 0 does not play any role, therefore, the interval of integration is [1, 2] see Fig.

Additional Problems Answers and Hints In fond memory of my parents From the Author This textbook on mathematical analysis is based on many years’ experience of lecturing at a higher technical college. Estimate the absolute error in this root.