The Britlingens Go to Hell by Charlaine Harris This novel is a bit of an oddball in Charlaine Harris’ bibliography. Though officially it takes place in the Sookie. Title: The Britlingens Go to Hell Author: Charlaine Harris Series: The Southern Vampire Mysteries #9. In: Must Love Hellhounds (Charlaine. All about The Britlingens Go To Hell by Charlaine Harris. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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Must Love Hellhounds by Charlaine Harris, Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Meljean Brook : Book Review

Although I believe there are references to previous works and characters in this story, it read well on its own. This was a valuable item. Took me 3 weeks to read it. Over all The Britlingens Go to Hell was enjoyable to read. The giant slugs were scary threats. Raphael has been pursuing Andrea for a while but Andrea is afraid he’s only interested in her for her novelty, not for herself.

I must find some of her novels to see if they are as good as her stories. They were perhaps five feet tall, red and bumpy, and though they had two arms and two legs, that was the end of their resemblance to humans. Loved the emphasis on their romance. Then our homing spell finally worked, and we returned through the portal to land here. It allowed for communication with anyone else wearing a similar suit, and it had a personal sequence programmed into it that allowed only one wearer to use the armor.


There was a client to save. Like the protection of children? Trovis was angry that Batanya wouldn’t bed him and broke his arm when he attempted to rape her. Her fingers raked through his hair. It takes place before Angels’ Blood. The story, taking place in post-apocalyptical Atlanta, is quick paced, romantic and, at times, quite brutal.

I can get through it and even enjoy some of it. Even though I last read the book only about eight months ago, I didn’t remember any of the stories too well so reading them for the second time was just as enjoyable for me as it was the first time around.

However he is a bouda, and bouda males prefer the beta role. Overall, this story just gets an ok from me. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Clovache fled, rightly figuring that someone needed to stay free. But he commissioned you to steal it!

Just say the word, senior. Some of the denizens of Hell were sure to be awake around the clock. Sarah uses her mind along with her crossbow to her advantage.

The story was okay, but it was basically just a walk-about in Hell, it had almost a MaryJanice Davidson feel. They progressed by rolling silently down the slick floors. Narcissus and Amelia Earhart are imprisoned with them in Luci Anthology of 4 books.

Batanya positioned herself carefully and swung the heavy water bucket at what she britlinens was the weakest point. A gout of black blood spattered on the stone was the only reminder of the wound.


The Britlingens Go to Hell by Charlaine Harris – FictionDB

The Nalini Singh story seems to be an introduction to two characters, and succeeded in making brjtlingens want to see more of them. The heat increased as her encompassing, nebulous captor rolled through the passages.

It took every ounce of grit she had to keep her knees stiff.

Batanya followed the direction of his gaze. Batanya realized their mission had to be completed at what speed they could summon.

Charlaine Harris – The Britlingens Go To Hell

Brook also does a good job with the relationship between Maggie and Blake by setting up a pre-existing connection on Blake’s part brutlingens, instead of rushing to bring the romance to completion, leaving us with a promise of a HEA for Maggie and Blake.

There’s also lots of action, mythology, and violence that I’ve come to expect with Andrews’ stories. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Your hair is the same color as the back fur, and you like the night life better than the daylight. Not that this is a complaint, I just find it interesting.

Fear of Romantic Disappointment.