Der Jasager und der Neinsager – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view Es una ópera con música de Kurt Weill y libreto en alemán de Bertolt Brecht. Der Jasager. Bertolt Brecht. Bertolt Brecht. Search for other works by this author on: This Site · Google. Theater () 6 (2): The school opera Der Jasager goes back to the Japanese fable Tanikô, a play from by Elisabeth Hauptmann and made its way to Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht .

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Then the three students bear him gently to the cliff and throw him over.

When he becomes too ill to complete it, his companions invoke an ancient law stating that all those who cannot complete the journey must agree to being hurled into the valley below. Are you ready to throw him down into the valley? In the process I want to take over whatever I hitherto found right, like what I once termed the gestic approach to music. I beg you not to leave me lying here, but jsaager throw me down jasagrr the valley, for I am frightened to die alone.

Schuloper by Kurt Weill.

In discussing Der Jasager as a teaching tool, Weill stated in”The actual performance of such a work is far less brechy than the training derived from rehearsal. The teacher tells him it is forbidden to say such things on the journey, but the three students have overheard and demand to speak to the teacher.

Let me say something: By it had received over one hundred performances in Germany alone, all of them sung and performed by children. Following tradition, the boy brecut agree and his companions carry breht the task. He has answered as necessity demanded. Or do you consent that you should be hurled into the valley as the Custom prescribes? Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Why or why not?


A class on Bertolt Brecht’s Der Jasager/Der Neinsager

With this casting choice, I hope to demonstrate that authority and submission are distributed to teachers and students as part of their assigned or reassigned roles. Immediately after the third reading, I ask for volunteers to respond to three questions: The boy decides that he knew the risks and should not impede the expedition. But the boy reminds him that he is visiting a great physician, who might be able to help his mother.

Views Read Edit View history. I do bfecht know any musician in Europe who would be capable of producing with such simple means so direct an effect on the mind and the nerves. He has said yes. I ask my student to look again at the instructions I post after the first two readings: Immediately after the third reading, I ask for volunteers to respond to three questions:.

Kurt Weill: He who says yes (The Yes-Sayer)

When you were asked at the start if you would consent to whatever might happen on the journey, you replied yes. At which point, I finally masager that my students were absolutely justified in their frustration with this belabored jsager, which takes fifteen minutes of class time or even more. Scene from a performance in Berlin. As they approach their shelter, the boy confesses that he is not well ” Wir sind schnell hinangestiegen “.

This genre of theater provided the perfect material for Der Jasager; brecbt spare, stark, and highly stylized gestures of the Noh actor are reflected in the similarly distilled music by Weill. Take three minutes to write a paragraph that presents an original claim about whether or not students would benefit from performing this opera.

This was not the first work he had conceived for students; as early as he composed Die Zaubernacht, a ballet for children, and a year before Der Jasager he worked with Bertold Brecht on Der Lindberghflug, a “cantata for schools. No, you should not turn back. I remind them that I spoke the third prompt: When the boy falls ill, the teacher tells him that he will contaminate the journey unless he agrees to be thrown to his death.


The melody must give clear expression to the gest. I tell the students I will collect their paragraphs at the end of the writing exercise. Works for the stage by Kurt Weill. After several members of my class share their thoughts, a rustle of activity became noticeable as students began passing their third piece of writing forward, expecting Evaluation.

The chorus explains that the teacher, the boy, and three older students are on jasaged way back, and the boy is exhausted ” Die Leute haben die Reise in die Berge “.

And moreover the Custom says that the sick man must reply: This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat Performance Information Synopsis Recordings. Introspection Late Night Partying. The majority of my students, especially those who jasxger to talk, produce three conventional paragraphs claiming that, yes, a group would benefit from performing the Brecht scenes.

Kurt Weill Edition, Vol. But it brechy right that the one with the sickness be asked: The teacher reminds them that the sick person may also demand that the entire party turn back. Der Jasager School opera in two acts.

Der Jasager – Wikipedia

The text for Der Jasager is a twice-translated first to English, then German adaptation of the fifteenth-century Japanese Noh drama Taniko.

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