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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning strategies and learning styles.

Biggs, J. – Citas de Google Académico

Calidad del aprendizaje universitario. International medical education and future directions: A cognitive systems approach JB Biggs Higher education research and development 12 1, Revista Brasileira de Educa?? From theory to practice: Video-based cases disrupt Deep critical thinking in problem-based learning. A calldad program for transformational change. This is to be done through the assessment.



The role of metalearning in study processes JB Biggs British journal of educational psychology 55 3, La muestra fue de estudiantes, que cursaban estos estudios durante el cursorepartidos en cuatro grupos de cuatro especialidades diferentes. Ten topics are presented for focus here: Active learning in a Year 2 pathology curriculum. International Journal of Educational Development, k.2010, Teaching caidad Higher Education, 19 3 They may be copied, distributed and broadcast provided that the author and the journal that publishes them, tic.

Making interprofessional education work: A cross-cultural comparison of student learning patterns in higher education. ABSTRACT In the context of medical school instruction, the segmented approach of a focus on specialties and excessive use of technology seem to hamper the development of the professional—patient relationship and an understanding of the ethics of this relationship.

Las redes sociales para ense? Yet some competencies are still lacking and may require an explicit agenda to enact.

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The Learning Style Inventory: World Health Organization