Secrets and Lies by BellaScotia (@Bellascotia1) ~ Complete. Summary: Bella once told a lie. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. BellaScotia is the author of Secrets and Lies ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews ). Anyway, Secrets and Lies is definitely going to bring out some interesting, possibly, angsty That probably came from a fanfic by BellaScotia.

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It seems he’s quite enamoured with Jacob. Opening the drawers I see that there are still a few items of clothing I had left behind, abd it doesn’t surprise me that Charlie never bothered to get rid of them.

I consider refusing, but then I remember the lengths she and Esme have gone to in order to make Jacob and I feel welcome. I wipe my eyes with my sleeve and stand up slowly. Being a pack rat, Charlie still has things in his closet that are older than I am, and it would never occur to him that a twenty-eight year annd woman would have no use for an eighteen year old girl’s clothes.

She picks it up and extends her arms, holding it out to me. Her words come out first.

She and Bellascogia are my number one priority, and I wanted to share my happiness with you. His hand snakes up my torso and he tilts my chin back.

I think that’s why I reacted so badly when you came back. I would have kept my secret to the grave. God I hoped—” I’m babbling, too many thoughts are scrambling around my brain at once.

I did value our friendship, but in Edward I’d found someone who understood me. Drunk on lust, I grip him tightly when he lifts me onto the counter and forces my legs open. His arms tighten around me and he pulls me fractionally closer, kissing my temple gently before he turns his head towards Carlisle. Carlisle’s eyes darken briefly, but then he slides his hands into his pockets and smirks.


BellaScotia (Author of Secrets and Lies)

His breathing is deep and calm but, judging by the way he is gripping my hand, I guess that it is not without great effort. He pulls my legs tight around his waist and lifts me gently off the counter.

Things have changed, but the pain of hearing Charlie’s news mixed with the pain I feel whenever I allow myself to think of Edward is more than I can stand. I know there might be times when their paths will cross but I don’t want them meeting on his territory.

When it doesn’t look like she is ever going to say anything, I decide to take the bull by the horns. I tell him that Esme had to go lie down and that Alice and Jasper secretss doing the dishes. I turn to face him at last and the sight of him knocks the wind out of my sails.

I know he’s right. For the first time ever, Carlisle seems at a loss for words when he shakes Jacob’s hand.

I’m just glad he didn’t extend his pathetic attitude to Jacob. Jacob comes back into the dining room and asks where everyone is. Part of me still secrts to blame her, but then the sane part of me can’t ignore my own duplicity.

The room is exactly how I left it.


Secrets and Lies Contest

I was in no mood for making small talk with a perfect stranger for several hours. Desperate to find the kind of love her best friend Jasper has found with Alice, Bella enlists the expert help of her ‘player’ room-mate Edward.

My top is still dry so I leave it on and pull a sweater over it. The car engine shuts off and Edward lets me go. I’m not sure about a posting schedule. When we get to the living room Edward is already saying goodbye to Jasper and Alice. I make the arrangements to pick up a car at Sea-Tac, and then I head back to the departure lounge and wait for my flight to be called. I wait for her to speak. Bella once told a lie. He lowers his voice a little.

*Fan Art* Secrets and Lies by @BellaScotia1

Rosalie is beaming at me, and I think she’s probably giving me a mental thumbs up, while the expression on Alice’s face is hard to decipher. We can make a day of it. If we’d waited nobody would have got hurt, and we would have all lived happily ever after,” I finish, unable to keep the sarcasm at bay. He’s just what this family needs. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. I swallow thickly as I take it all in, and he watches me, waiting, but doesn’t say a word.