Behringer CT Cable Tester 6-in Behringer CT Owner’s Manual . BrandBehringer; ModelCT; Part Number; UPC User Manual BEHRINGER is constantly striving to maintain the highest professional standards. As a result CABLE TESTER CT Technical Specifications. I got the Behringer CT cable tester. It has no manual, or instructions and I’m pretty much an electronics retard. When I plug in a 1/4 or an.

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The LED for in tip and out tip and in sleeve and out sleeve should light up for a good guitar cable.

It IS pretty intuitive once you have it in your hand to play with; however, I’m a bit slow and really had to think it thru then draw a diagram to keep with the tester You can print the attached PDF, cut the graphic out, and bejringer it on the back of the unit. I doubt there is compatibility. The effect numbers used to light up intermittently.

There is no instruction manual or sheet regards to such specifics with this product and the wording on the side is not sufficient for those who are mnual already well versed in faultfinding or signal tracing. Are you a Behringer Music Expert? Search in titles only Search in Effects and Processors only Search.


Answered on Jan 26, Help FAQs Go to top. Join the HC Newsletter. Will the neutron play midi coming from the computer? Login or Sign Up. Behringer Music Answered on Nov 03, Is this console behrinher enough to power two passive speakers, or do I need powered speakers?

Behringer CT100 User Manual

Theres no headphone jack. The pins of both the male and female tie to identical pin numbers.

Sometimes I stop to think about something and forget to start again! I got the Behringer CT cable tester.

Got a Cable Tester .. How am I supposed to read this?

It seems to be a bit of a ‘best seller’ so is there a proficient user of this item out there who could please take the time to give us ch100 heads up as to what the various good working cable connections should show as? Adobe PDF Reader is required to view this manual.

If something else lights up then there’s a short manuual. Results 1 to 3 of 3. I wants more of those. The manual shows dual voltage. However one request that crops up repeatedly, despite the oft repeated statement that it’s all pretty much intuitive to use, is for a user guide as to what the displayed led’s indicate. Does it interface with Band in the Box or a software sequencer Logic,etc?


XP is no longer supported, but it’s still useful, and it;’s one of the most stable OS’s they ever released.

Got a Cable Tester .. How am I supposed to read this? | Harmony Central

Some guitar players like a lil less brighntess in there sound If its not it will introduce all sorts of noise. Most Popular Question behringer ct x pattern led grid Music. Have you tried looking for a manual at Behringer’s website? Either or all the aux outs will suffice for monitor out.

However, the reading he stated is waaaay to low I find I resemble that remark! According to Craig Anderton’s book Of one of the adapter damaged the internals. Answered on May 07,