MOSAIK – The Abrafaxe. likes · 13 talking about this. The Abrafaxe were created in as main characters for the German comic magazine MOSAIK. Mosaik – Abrafaxe Sammelband Book Series (3 Books). Latest Book in the Series . Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Die Seidene Schnur. Go to book. 1. Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Dicke Luft in Paris. [Amelie Fried] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Some of them were also published in books. Over and over, the rogue Duke Caran d’Ache gets in their way. The book has shaped our culture and civilisation like no other medium.

Mosaik (Mosaik – Abrafaxe, #) by Jörg Reuter

But he is a good cook and knows much about the helaing power of plants, somethings that has often helped to save friend or knock out enemies. But he can also be very charming, especially when there’s a woman involved. More than issues have been published so far.

Its cleverness has saved the Abrafaxe more than once from hopeless situations. Brabax travels the country on behalf of the FBI, Califax and Abrax start a career as sausage vendors.

Abrafaxr the Abrafaxe Three Adventurers The Abrafaxe are three little adventurers who have been travelling around the world since Their way leads them farther and farther, and again and again the two rival counts von Wolfenstein and von Rabenhorst threaten the group. They are not the only ones, though, the ninjas Ori and Gami have the same goal. And one day, the Abrafaxe find a diamond in the Rocky Mountains which is as big as the Ritz This way leads them through Bavarian woods, where they have to resist a band of robbers.


MOSAIK: Abrax, Brabax, Califax

Reflecting his motto of ” anrafaxe cum praxi “, his ideas were far ahead of their time. Their destination is the fabulous El Dorado, but the way there is long and full of obstacles. The Abrafaxe offer to rescue her. However, lazing around is out of question because the Abrafaxe, together with the beautiful seeress Sibylla, must foil the plans of evil Skrotonos.

Even though they are very different personalities and don’t always agree with each other, they are true friends who would never let abrafxae other down. Wherever they go, you can spot the rat, too. The Abrafaxe, who have landed in New South Wales after their last time leap, don’t want to miss such an adventure.

Introducing the Abrafaxe

But they are hunted by three dark knights. Abrafaxe publications have sold more than million copies so far. He likes to act on the spot and doesn’t fear taking risks. The mathematician, philosopher, inventor and historian Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born in in Leipzig and died in in Hanover, and is regarded as one of the great European polymaths. Yet his legacy is to be found not only in the sciences: But the happy ending is not yet to come: Califax is a relaxed guy who is most content when he’s eating.


They consist of dashing Abrafax, smart Brabax and abrxfaxe enjoyer of the fine things in life Califax. However, their “American way of life” does not remain for long. During the arguments between Capitano Spavento and the Turkish pasha, Harlequin and his friends from the commedia dell’arte always accompanied them. Unfortunately, so does their antagonist Don Ferrando, who is supported by a bunch of pirates.

Books and Short Stories

At first, cousin Don Alfonso, who has been poisoned, must be cured. Will they manage to reach Port Jackson again?

You need to login to do this. Ages 8 to In Greece 16 issues ; Greece; B. Georg Ruppelthas been published to coincide with the exhibition. They also meet dumpling cook Fanny, the weird baron of Blechreder and Pierrot and his group of comedians.