3 Hacking Hacking – currently defined as to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file, computer, or network The term has changed over time Phase 1: early. 1 A Gift of Fire Third edition Sara Baase Chapter 4: Intellectual Property Original Slides prepared by Cyndi Chie and Sarah Frye Adapted by Enas Naffar for use. What We Will Cover Rapid Pace of Change New Developments and Dramatic Impacts Issues and Themes Ethics.

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Scanners allow us to change the media of a copyrighted work, converting printed text, photos, and artwork to electronic form. OK Professional Ethics and Responsibilities. Laws of nature and mathematical formulas cannot be patented. While the patent was pending, sites such as MySpace and Facebook sprang up Friendster’s patent was granted and it may now charge licensing fees to businesses using the technology. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Registration Forgot your password?

Domain names may be used to criticize or protest e. Even if something is illegal in tird countries, the exact law and associated penalties may vary Where a trial is held is important not just for differences in the law, but thirs the costs associated with travel between the s cases can take some time to come to trial and may require numerous trips Freedom of speech suffers if businesses follow laws of the most restrictive countries. Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computers.

An encryption scheme, where two related keys are used. Data in phones are vulnerable to loss, hacking, and misuse. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Government and private databases Thousands of databases containing personal information about us. But some activities and transactions involve at least two people, each of whom would have claims to own the information about the activity. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Outline for Today Chapter 3: Nintendo – Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

After that, the work in in the public domain. Computer Security Risks 2.

Instructor resource file download The work is protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning. Warren and Brandeis and court decisions allow disclosure of personal information to people who have an interest in it.


What is a copyright and what can be copyrighted? Napster’s arguments for fair use The Sony decision allowed for entertainment use to be considered fair use Did not hurt industry sales because users sampled the music on Napster and bought the CD if they liked it Original Slides prepared by Cyndi Chie and Sarah Frye Adapted by Enas Naffar for use in Computing Ethics course —Philadelphia university.

Data is analyzed to target advertising and develop new services. Cameras alone raise some privacy issues.

Someone who steals a computer or hacks into it can view files on it. Published by Andrew Hodge Modified over 3 years ago. Will the companies fift the cloud services have any responsibility for unauthorized content their customers store and share?

Telephone Communications Act prohibited interception of messages Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act allowed wiretapping and electronic surveillance by law-enforcement with court order and other new communications Electronic Communications Privacy Act of ECPA extended the wiretapping laws to include electronic communications, restricts government access to The meaning of pen register has changed over time.

Sign In We’re sorry! May not understand the risks. But, with computers, the extent and impact have grown. Discussion Question What devices are now computerized that were not originally?

Gift of Fire, A: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing and the Internet, 3rd Edition

What type of electronic communications do you use on a regular basis? AI suited to narrow, specialized skills Robotic devices often special-purpose devices, and may sarx AI to function Motion sensing devices are used to give robots the ability to walk, trigger airbags in a crash and cushion laptops when dropped.

What are some common elements of privacy policies you have read? Fair Information Principles or Practices Inform about personally identifiable information Collect only data needed Offer opt-out fromthirs, etc Stronger protection of sensitive data Keep data only as long as needed Maintain accuracy of data Policies for responding to law enforcement Protect security of data.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

A Gift of Fire Third edition Sara Baase – ppt video online download

Universal City Studios cont. Sign Up Already have an access code? Can we own our profiles collection of data describing our activities, purchase, interests, etc.

Data collected for one purpose will find other uses. Unlike physical property, copying or distributing a song, video, or computer program does not decrease the use or enjoyment by another person Copying can decrease the economic value of creative work produced for sale The fair use guidelines are useful ethical guidelines There are many arguments for and against unauthorized copying Original Slides prepared by Cyndi Chie and Sarah Frye Adapted by Enas Naffar for use in Computing Ethics course —Philadelphia university.


Laws are not always good guides for ethical decisions, but the Fair use guidelines do a good job of identifying criteria to help distinguish fair and unfair copying. Before computers, files were stolen, receipts were stolen, information was requested under false pretenses and employees were bribed.

A Gift of Fire Sara Baase Chapter 6: Work Third edition

Techniques used to steal personal and financial information Phishing – fishing for personal and financial information disguised as legitimate business Pharming – false Web sites that fish for personal and financial information by planting false URLs in Domain Name Servers Online resumes and job hunting sites may reveal SSNs, work history, birth fite and other information that can be used in identity theft. Peer-to-peer technology makes transferring and sharing files easier.

Privacy and Security Chapter Five. Also known as Data Privacy or Data Protection Is the relationship between collection and spreading or gaase data and information. Probe for what concerns the class may have about the data that is collected.

Medical records on chips attached to medical bracelets Biological and computer sciences will combine new ways to insert micro-processors or controlled devices on human bodies. Discussion Questions What data does the government have about you? Instructors, sign in here to see net price.

The people who posted the documents argued it was a fair use. Some people do not know or understand enough how the web works in frie to make good decisions about what to put there. In response to search queries, search engines display copies of text excerpts from web sites and copies from images and videos. Ideas from the software industries Some companies sold programs that deactivate the built-in copy protections on other evition.